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Hey everyone. Last week I talked about the time and experience I had working with a garden designer. They really met my expectations and I had a lot of fun working with them. Despite this, I was given the opportunity to hire another landscape gardener soon after, but I had to turn these guys down.

Why I hear you ask? Because of location. My mother had just moved into a new flat in essex. It’s not huge but does have a lovely big garden.
Despite the huge garden space, when she bought the place it was, to put it nicely, in absolutely terrible condition. She immediately called me up and asked me what I could do to help.

Given the previous experience I had with the designer from Bristol, I was beginning to think I was pretty seasoned in this area. I told her exactly what I was going to do to help her out. Considering the great time I had working with a garden designer I thought the best course of action would be to do the same with my mum – hire someone who can come in and give us a few ideas of what would be best for the garden.

So, that’s exactly what we set out to do. Finding one wasn’t as easy as I’d expected. I found a few online and arranged to have some phone calls, but I didn’t really get a good vibe off them on the phone. I don’t know what it was exactly, but they didn’t feel quite right.

Eventually I ended up going back to the designer I had previously worked with. I called him up and asked him whether he had any personal connections and knew of any landscape gardeners that served the essex area. Luckily he did, and put me in contact with a good friend of his who is based out of essex. He put in a good word for me too, which eventually led to us getting a discount for the service. Here is their promotional video if you are intrigued to learn more about their company.

We ended up going with them and they met all our expectations. I really wish you could see my mother’s garden now. It’s absolutely brilliant. Perhaps I’ll take a few pictures of it with my camera and upload them to the website so all of you can see them.

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Hey guys! I got a great response from those of you that saw the last post, so I’ve decided to go one step further and follow it up with another experience I had with a landscape gardener recently. I haven’t quite finished the write up but I was too excited not to give the game away now and break the news to you. So come back to P & G Bar in a little while (no longer than 48 hours) and my story about the experience I had with a landscape gardener will be up and ready for you to read.

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Welcome back to p&g bar. The blog has had a slight makeover since my first introductory message. We’ve changed the overall theme of the site and I’ve switched the focus to something that I believe to be a bit more universal (and luckily it is something that I still find incredibly interesting)

I want this to be a place and resource where anyone can come and read about great gardening tips that they can apply in their own plots. So, for our first post we are going to cover perhaps the most important point, and that is the design of your garden.

If you’ve just moved into a new place and the garden is waiting for you to get to work, then this information will be perfect for you. I basically want to stress the importance of hiring a landscape gardener. Some people may be turned off by this idea, as they believe that hiring landscape gardeners is always too costly, and is a quick way to burn a lot of money. I strongly believe that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Contrary to popular belief, landscape gardeners can actually save you a ton of money and time, your two most important assets. They’ll know how to get each different item needed in your garden for the cheapest possible price. On top of this, if other professionals are needed to finish the job, they will have plenty on hand that will be able to do this cheaply, but most importantly, quickly.

Despite all this, we’re forgetting the most important thing that a professional landscape gardener will bring to the table – their vision. They are the ones that can best articulate your vision for your garden and actually make it a reality. On top of this they can also suggest other ideas that will no doubt compliment yours.

Recently I was making some changes to my garden, and I specifically needed to find a Bristol garden designer to help me. I eventually did, and they did such a wonderful job. I’ve promised that I will invite them round in the summer for some tea in the garden, it is that beautiful. So, if you’re making some changes to your garden, no matter how small, always contemplate gaining the help and expertise of a landscape gardener – they can make your life easier in so many ways!

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This is P & G Bar. I’ll start off by explaining the name of this blog. Despite being written by a girl (me, Sandra) P & G is a male grooming blog. P stands for pruning, and G stand for grooming. The explanation behind ‘Bar’ is that I want to raise the overall bar that is men’s grooming knowledge. I swear the average woman knows more about how men need to groom, so my mission is to educate men more than anything else. If this sounds interesting to you then please stick around!